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Computicket denies responsibility over fatal Soccer City stampede

Computicket says Soccer City should have had a system in place to identify fake tickets after stadium operators said stolen passes played a role in the stampede that led to two deaths at a football match over the weekend.

Computicket admits that several tickets could have been stolen from its offices for people to produce counterfeits, but denies full responsibility.

Stadium Management South Africa (SMSA) has named Computicket as one of the organisations that were at fault for the production and sale of forged tickets for the Carling Black Label Cup game between Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs on Saturday.

Computicket said in a statement that electronic access control systems should be set up at venues to bar those with counterfeit tickets from entering, according to the Eyewitness News website.

Meanwhile, SMSA insists that the ticketing business has a responsibility to ensure that there are controls and security measures in place to prevent theft. It also said that it thinks the stock was stolen before the fixture.

Police are reportedly investigating the situation after 3,000 counterfeit Computicket passes were confiscated from fans.

Image: 2010 World Cup