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Live Nation files lawsuit against John Does selling fake Coldplay merch

Live Nation’s merchandising arm has filed a lawsuit in the North American city of Boston against unnamed defendants it believes will infringe on Coldplay’s trademark.

The British rock band launched its Head Full of Dreams US tour last night (Tuesday) in New Jersey and is due to play at Gillette Stadium in the Massachusetts city of Boston on Friday.

The pre-lawsuit is an attempt by the live music promoter, which has exclusive rights to the band’s trademarks, to deter those selling counterfeit merchandise such as T-shirts and jerseys from doing so at the August 4 concert.

Live Nation has filed litigation against John Does 1-100, Jane Does 1-100 and XYZ Company, stating that the true names of those who infringe on the band’s rights will become public knowledge once they are identified in the vicinity of the concert.

Those accused of selling and promoting the fake goods are being sued “under fictitious names because their true names and capacities are unknown at this time,” states the company in court papers. “This complaint will be amended when their true names and capacities are ascertained.”

Live Nation says the defendants “will sell and distribute infringing, unauthorised T-shirts, jerseys and other merchandise bearing any or all of the group’s trademarks in the vicinity of the group’s concert and will continue to sell and distribute before, during and after subsequent concerts during the tour.”

The firm claims that the copyrighted products could confuse fans and Live Nation is seeking monetary damages, as well as destruction of all fake merchandise, the complaint reads.

Image: Newsdog