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NFL teams boost ticket management with InviteManager

Several NFL American football teams have partnered with InviteManager, a client entertainment organisational platform, in an effort to boost the way they handle ticket management.

InviteManager provides technology to create events, invite guests, register and check-in customers, and report on the effectiveness of each event in real-time.

Teams included in the deal are the Chicago Bears, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens, among others.

Through the company’s agreement with the several NFL teams, it will make bringing work clients and guests to a game significantly more streamlined.

“NFL football is a vital tool for so many business and we’re excited to start our seventh season partnering with teams,” said InviteManager co-founder and chief executive Tony Knopp.

“The business impact metrics for NFL tickets are off the charts. Companies who take customers and prospects to games see significant return on their investment.”

Adam Kellner of the Chicago Bears, an InviteManager partner for the past seven seasons, added: “We make InviteManager available to our customers as a tool to help them achieve their goals with the Bears.

“InviteManager helps us keep our customers happy, and we are pleased to team up with them again this season.”

InviteManager’s recent partnership with Ticketmaster will provide NFL and InviteManager customers with the option to transfer e-tickets, run scan reports to see who actually used their tickets and when they entered the games, and easily load ticket and user data directly with the team partners.

Troy Tutt, vice-president of partnerships at InviteManager, said: “What we’re doing with Ticketmaster is changing ticketing for companies,” said Troy Tutt, vice president of partnerships at InviteManager.

“Companies can work together with team partners to make the game day experience even more seamless and enjoyable for guests.”

InviteManager also partners with companies such as Verizon, FedEx, American Express, MasterCard and Anheuser-Busch.

Image: InviteManager