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E-ticketing solution TicketSauce gains momentum

TicketSauce, an event management software company that focuses on growing revenue and data, has seen its own revenue skyrocket 150 per cent from last year.

The San Diego-based e-ticketing firm has been gathering major momentum this year with a 200 per cent increase in clientele, while also doubling its employee hires in the past six months.

TicketSauce is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that provides media organisations, associations and event organisers with the ability to control service-fee related revenue and provide additional promotion for events.

“Understanding the importance of first-party data, the ability to market and manage events under the brands of our clients with the ease-of-use of our products and services has propelled us to a prime position of rapid and record growth,” said Travis Fisher, chief executive of TicketSauce.

“We continue to drive product innovation and service so that our customers can focus on their existing and new revenue streams. The focus of transaction based revenue, data and brand associations with events is critical for media companies big and small.”

TicketSauce’s fourth consecutive record quarter falls in line with the launch of its updated website that highlights new products and solutions.

Michael Romaner, executive vice president for digital at TicketSauce customer Morris Communications, said: “One of the things we’ve discovered since becoming an e-ticketing platform reseller is that most event owners in our markets do not have a ticketing platform and have no idea how to get started selling tickets online. TicketSauce has allowed us to bring an entirely new digital service to the marketplace.

“We are serving a really important need in our markets with this platform and their software has created additional revenue streams as well as increased our ability to capture first-party data for future marketing and subscriber efforts.”