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Las Vegas lawsuits against Live Nation and others pile up

More than five law firms have taken on cases on behalf of numerous survivors of the Las Vegas shooting against Route 91 Festival organisers Live Nation as well as MGM Resorts, Slide Fire Solutions and the estate of mass killer Stephen Paddock.

More than 50 people were killed and hundreds injured when Paddock opened fire on music fans at the Route 91 event from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel on October 1.

“It could be precedent-setting,” said Attorney Dusitn Marcello, who is not directly involved with any 1 October lawsuits, but has fought lawsuits against casino giants in the past.

“This has been my experience, but large corporations operate based off of profit and loss, and it’s only when they suffer a loss that something changes,” Marcello told Las Vegas Now.

Marcello states that families moving forward with lawsuits have to be prepared for public scrutiny and years of questioning by legal teams.

“They’re going to be asked personal questions,” Marcello said. “They’re going to be asked a number of things about the person’s life. They’re own life to justify both their damages and their lawsuit.”

Marcello added that he sees settlement deals out of court to be strongly considered by all parties involved, while several families are lobbying for changes to security measures.

One Las Vegas shooting victim who alleges Live Nation had a part to play in the tragedy that left her with life-threatening injuries has filed a suit in Clark County, Nevada.

Paige Gasper blames the promoter, fellow operator MGM Resorts and shooter Stephen Paddock’s estate for the incident at Route 91 Festival. The suit alleges that the venue and the promoter of Route 91 failed to adequately protect concertgoers from the danger.

Gasper said a bullet that entered under her right arm, cut across her right breast, shattered her ribs and lacerated her liver. She was unable to move from the floor, she said, which meant several panic-stricken people trampled her, which she blames partly on Live Nation for not having a sufficient exit strategy.