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Ticketrunner event apps go live with Eventbrite store

Ticketrunner is aiming to take its event marketing software to a wider audience after launching two products through Eventbrite’s Spectrum app store.

The German company’s and Refrl services are now available to organisers via Spectrum. enables event managers to set up brand ambassador programmes and engage their fans into their marketing efforts by rewarding them with free tickets, merchandise and exclusive experiences such as backstage access.

Ticketrunner said the app, which has already been adopted by ALDA and Q-Dance, helps organisers to stay on top of their programmes, as well as boosting reach, sales and customer retention.

“We are overjoyed about our cooperation with Eventbrite,” said Florian Eckelmann, chief executive and co-founder of Cologne-based Ticketrunner.

“We are now able to release applications to help event organisers to promote their shows whilst keeping them and their customers in the ticketing environment they use and love.”

Refrl is a plug-in that prompts every ticket-buyer to share the event with their friends in exchange for event-related rewards once they have purchased their tickets. Refrl attempts to automate peer-to-peer marketing practices and deliver word-of-mouth results without the active involvement of the event organiser.

Siamak Ghofrani, Ticketrunner’s chief executive and co-founder, said: “With Refrl we utilise the post-purchase euphoria of the customers to turn them into multipliers and upsell them to refer the event to their peers in exchange for rewards.”