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Liverpool pledges to improve ticketing process

Liverpool has pledged to improve the ticketing process for club members to secure their seats at home Premier League matches after fans were left frustrated by technology issues in July.

During the memberships’ sale, large numbers of supporters encountered software crashes that kicked them out of the system while they were attempting to purchase tickets.

According to the Liverpool Echo, it is understood that the external server used by the club was under attack, forcing it to temporarily shut down due to the huge volume of traffic.

Liverpool apologised and admitted the situation had been “unacceptable”.

Liverpool has more than 120,000 official LFC members, each paying around £30 for the benefits, which for many include the chance to buy tickets.

Improvements to the software have adjusted its capacity and performance, with successful load testing having taken place.

The club is reviewing its sales process and the subject will be on the agenda of the upcoming fan forum, ‘ticket availability’, led by Tony Barrett, Liverpool’s head of club and supporter liaison.

Image: md.faisalzaman