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Over 50s are Australian live entertainment’s big spenders

Over 50s in Australia represent 34.3 per cent of total spending on live entertainment, according to research by Ticketek owner TEG.

Those aged 50 and under are dishing out 7.5 per cent less on live entertainment than their elders, with sporting events attracting the largest volume of over 50s.

The demographic is over-represented in arts attendance, as well as 41.7 per cent of musical theatre ticket purchasers being over 50.

The findings are based on a TEG Rewards online survey of 1,000 people in August and September this year, along with TEG Analytics event attendance data over a three-year period to June 30 this year.

Over 50s constitute 33.2 per cent of the Australian population, with 1.4 million ticket purchasers in Australia over the three-year period covered by the research being individuals over 50.

TEG’s managing director of data, digital and analytics Mazen Kassis said: “The synthesis of our market leading data analytics and research continues to uncover fascinating insights, this time in the over 50s live entertainment audience.

“Leveraging our range of data-driven solutions and actionable insights, savvy brands can measurably enhance their ability to engage with such an audience through their passions, motivations and interests.”