Eventbrite has joined the likes of Google, Facebook and Uber as the newest member of the Internet Association, a trade association that represents leading global digital companies on public policy.

The group’s mission is to “foster innovation, promote economic growth, and empower people through the free and open internet.”

The Internet Association also works with legislators, consumers, and other stakeholders.

Some of its other members include Amazon, Airbnb, eBay, Netflix, Linkedin, Twitter, Spotify, PayPal and many more.

“Online platforms like Eventbrite empower small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow, market, and expand their businesses at little to no cost,” said Internet Association president and chief executive Michael Beckerman.

“Eventbrite is exactly the kind of company we’re excited to have as a member of Internet Association.”

Julia Hartz, Eventbrite co-founder and chief executive, said: “Now more than ever, people are gathering for connection, expression, and change.

“Eventbrite exists for this very reason; our technology gives rise to events with purpose – whether that be to explore passions, raise money, learn from others, or demonstrate a point of view for, or against, an issue. We look forward to contributing to important industry discussions already taking place while also leveraging our unique platform to help fuel change.”

Eventbrite powers more than three million events in more than 180 countries around the world every year. The company is expected to process more than 200 million tickets globally, generating approximately $4bn (£2.9bn/€3.4bn) in gross ticket sales in 2017.

“Bringing people together from around the world to celebrate their passions is what the internet is all about. We look forward to continuing to advance policies at the local, national, and international level that enable platforms like Eventbrite to thrive,” said Beckerman.