KKBox’s ticket service coming to Singapore

Asian music streaming service KKBox is to launch its KKTix ticketing platform in Singapore during 2018 as it expands its services across the region.

KKBox has 10 million users in the region, two million of whom are fans that pay for its premium service.

Founded in Taiwan in 2004, the company later began organising live events and launched KKTix in early 2014. KKBox made a major investment in ticketing startup WalkieTicket in 2015, with the two operators merging shortly afterwards.

KKBox has been offering its music streaming and live events services in Singapore since 2012, but wants to enhance its presence in the region’s music ecosystem with the addition of ticketing and more concerts over the course of the next year.

Josephine Cheng, KKBox’s chief operation officer, told the Straits Times newspaper: “Our core will still be the streaming music business, but we want to elevate our users’ experience from just purely listening to streamed music to all kinds of live entertainment experiences as well.”

Since the merger with WalkieTicket, KKBox has been able to help drive ticket sales through traffic on its music streaming app and user listening habits. KKTix has benefitted from the incorporation of WalkieTicket’s tight network of vendors.

IMAGE: Someformofhuman/Wikipedia