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Juventus president’s one-year ban lifted after ticketing scandal

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli has seen his suspension lifted after being handed a one-year ban from football for his role in a ticket scalping scandal.

The Italian Serie A football club’s head has been instead administered double the original fine, while Agnelli’s ban has been ended effective immediately.

Agnelli was suspended and given a €20,000 ($23,600/£17,700) fine by the FIGC, Italy’s football federation in September, with the club being initially fined €300,000.

The FIGC’s appeals court has upped Agnelli’s fine to €100,000, with the suspension removed as of yesterday (Monday). Juventus has been charged €600,000, and will be forced to play one game with a main section of Allianz Stadium closed.

Agnelli allegedly approved the sale of season passes and other tickets above the allowable limit to Juventus’ ‘Ultra’ fans.

Agnelli confirmed that he was in a meeting with Rocco Dominello, an Ultra linked to the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta crime mob who has since been sentenced to nearly eight years in prison for scalping.

The Juventus president claimed that it was only with large numbers of other fans during celebrations, and stated that the club never intended to get involved in illegal activity.

FIGC prosecutor Giuseppe Pecoraro had initially requested a two-and-a-half year suspension for Agnelli, and was the same person to sanction the removal of the suspension.