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Ticketmaster’s Shortlist app offers last-minute primary tickets

Ticketmaster has launched its new Shortlist app to offer music fans last minute primary tickets.

The app, which has been released in the US for iPhone and Android, is aimed at those fans that prefer to make their ticket-buying decisions just before an event.

“More tickets often become available right before great concerts. Shortlist makes it simple to get to those tickets quickly and easily,” the app store listing explains.

“Trying to figure out plans for the weekend? Have no ideas for date night this week? Or want to just hang with your BFF at a concert? Shortlist is a great way to figure it out. Each week, Shortlist uses an exclusive new system to show you the top concerts in your area that still have legit tickets.”

The app can also filter gigs by genre as well as location.

Shortlist has yet to be officially announced by Ticketmaster, although there is already an official website and a section of Ticketmaster’s Innovation site also profiles the app.

Ticketmaster UK’s director of business development, music, Sarah Slater, said that mobile ticketing startups like Dice had helped the company move faster, according to the MusicAlly website.

“Dice has made us step up our mobile game completely, I think,” said Slater. “Our mobile game was not up to scratch at all… So being able to present Dice to the powers-that-be above has helped us massively up our game.”