Fans who scoop tickets for next month’s Super Bowl will be paying almost $1,000 (£725/€820) for the cheapest tickets.

According to Yahoo, face value tickets will cost between $950 and $5,000 for the game at Minnesota’s U.S. Bank Stadium on February 4.

The NFL distributes 75 per cent of Super Bowl tickets to their teams, with the remainder split between media, partners and sponsors. A small amount are then sold to fans via ‘packages’.

Most NFL clubs distribute their NFL tickets via a lottery that begins before the matchup is even set.

The Minnesota Vikings could book their place in the championship match should they beat the Philadelphia Eagles at the weekend.

Ticket brokers have predicted exponential rises in resale ticket prices should the home team feature.

“Let’s just say that if the Vikings win, there will be a lot of bass fishing boats for sale next week in Minnesota,” one broker joked, according to Yahoo.

According to CBS Sports, the average price for a 2016 Super Bowl ticket was $4,000 and, for a 2017 ticket, it was between $4,744 and $5,650.

Yahoo reports that the Delta Sky360 Club seats behind the NFC sideline – comprised of five premium lower bowl sections between the 20-yard lines – have a face value of $5,000 per seat.

The ‘nosebleed’ seats will be found in 24 sections of the outer rims of the stadium overlooking each end zone. A Vikings season ticket for this area would cost around $500, but a Super Bowl alone entry is $950. As of Monday night, StubHub aftermarket prices for a Super Bowl ticket in these sections start at $4,250.

IMAGE: Wikimedia