US marketplace TicketCity has launched a Smart TicketPredictor to provide fans with pricing insights prior to buying Super Bowl tickets.

Fans will be offered statistical evidence to inform their purchase decisions for the NFL’s championship game on February 4.

The TicketCity Smart TicketPredictor platform shares the current average cost of tickets for Super Bowl LII, to be held at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota.

The list is updated on a 24-hour cycle, and highlights whether the price per ticket is likely to rise or fall within the next seven days. It will also present fans with a historical chart of previous ticket prices for reference.

“In today’s Experience Era, we know consumers are placing a premium value on positive, reliable and convenient experiences,” said Mike Guiffre, vice president of sales of TicketCity.

“By introducing our new TicketCity Smart TicketPredictor, our goal is to equip more customers with useful data so they can purchase tickets to the 2018 big game and future events with increased shopping confidence and trust to perhaps score a better deal.”



The new feature includes analysed data from every ticket purchased on the TicketCity site and mobile apps over the last five years.

Current data shows that this year has been the most expensive games for fans, with the average cost not dropping below $3,900. It also shows that nearly half of all Super Bowl tickets are sold during January, with as few as seven per cent of tickets purchased in February.

Image: US Air Force