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Full-stack marketer is looking for a creative and hands-on marketer to help us get the word out, raise brand awareness, and help us grow. Sounds like your cup of tea? Read on!

Us is a team of 4 people building an awesome product – reserved seating tools for online ticketing – that grew from a hobby project to a healthy B2B scaleup with customers across the globe. Our interactive floor plans are currently used to book over 600K seats / month.

Things we like: celebrating (even small) wins, being our own boss, and taking responsibility as a team. We don’t blame, and we don’t have managers or investors. We care for a single type of stakeholder: our customers.

The Job

Your role is to plant the seeds, to make sure the world knows we exist.

How? That’s where we require your expertise and skills. We’re thinking social media, copywriting, content marketing, PR, email campaigns, SEO, etc. We expect and require your creative input here.

In terms of marketing, is a pretty blank canvas for you to start drawing on – or perhaps one with a primer on. Needless to say that you’ll have a great impact.

Of course, this also means you’ll need to be able to execute. We’re not looking for a manager for our non-existent marketing department. Instead, we are looking for real and measurable results.

Location. If you happen to live near Landen, Bunsbeek or Brussels (Belgium), that’s awesome.
However, we are aware that this may be a long shot, so remote is perfectly fine. In that case, please note we’ll only consider candidates that are ‘near’ (i.e. able to work at least half a day overlap with Europe/Brussels tz), send us a lolcat with their application, and have previous experience with working remotely.

This is a full-time position. Compensation (salary/rate) tbd.


  • have experience in marketing SaaS products to software people in a B2B context, and can show previous results
  • have a background in the events, ticketing, entertainment and/or travel industries
  • value experiments and over following a plan.
  • know your recipes, but not just that: you’re a great cook.
  • have an opinion. We value – and expect! – your thoughts & input.
  • are focused, courageous, open, committed and respectful.
  • can write and communicate well in English. Any other languages are a plus.
  • are able to work at least half a day overlap with our timezone (Belgium, CET)

How to apply

Send us an email ( and tell us why you’d be a good fit.

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