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Rugby Sevens fans anxious over ticket delays

Five thousand people that bought their New Zealand Rugby Sevens tickets through South Africa’s Chiefs are still anxiously waiting for tickets with just days to go before kick off.

Many of the thousands of Chiefs members that were affected by the delay had ordered their tickets in September. The club claims the delay is due to the complexity of the packs the tickets come in.

All tickets have now reportedly been sent out and should be with members by Thursday at the latest a Chiefs spokesperson said, according to the Stuff news website.

The issues did not affect fans that ordered their tickets directly through Ticketek.

Rugby Sevens

Image: World Rugby HSBC Sevens Series countdown clock (Jan 31)

According to Stuff, Chiefs fan and member Nigel Boreham was anxious that the eight tickets he had purchased in October had not arrived this morning – three days away from the sporting event in Hamilton, New Zealand.

“I really started getting concerned a fortnight ago,” he said.

Boreham said they needed the tickets to be able to get the bracelet which is used to buy drinks at the Sevens.

“Individual ticket holders have to show their ticket to get the bracelet and ID, so if we get them too late we may not be able to do it on Friday,” he said.

However, much to Boreham’s relief, the tickets arrived on Wednesday afternoon, hours after he had contacted Stuff.

“I got a call from the Chiefs marketing manager who apologised and said the tickets would be with me today and they came,” he said. It’s going to be an awesome weekend.”

Chiefs marketing manager Vanessa Parker said all 5,000 membership packs had been sent out.

“It’s been a bigger process then what we had envisaged, there’s no one size fits all,” Parker said.

“Each pack is very hands on and very customised for every single individual to ensure that they’re getting exactly what they ordered and obviously we’re only human so there are a few minor errors with a few bits and pieces.”

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