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Rebranded SPL brings centralised ticketing system

A new centralised ticketing system has been unveiled as a central part of a major rebranding of the Singapore Premier League (SPL).

The new organisation has launched in partnership with APACTix, which allows fans to purchase tickets for all matches under the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) umbrella, including SPL matches, international friendlies and all other FAS-hosted matches and online.

FAS president Lim Kia Tong said he is confident that the rebranding exercise will breathe new life into the country’s only professional sports competition, according to the Straits Times newspaper.

“This is definitely not a cosmetic relaunch. It is suicidal to think that when we launch this, it will definitely bring results,” he said.

“A lot of effort and a lot of thinking had been put in to create this new logo. This rebranding reflects the four pillars (the SPL’s four foundations) and, if we keep emphasising the four pillars, we hope that it will bring results and it (the rebranding) is not a cosmetic change.”

The SPL has put engagement with fans and the development of a vibrant football culture at the centre of its four-pillar strategy. The FAS has urged clubs to strengthen their connection to local communities.

FAS vice-president Edwin Tong said: “While we see this as an exciting start, it does not automatically mean things will be better immediately. That will not happen overnight, but we hope all will ride along on this journey with us.”

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