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Jacksonville Jaguars signs TicketManager 

TicketManager has linked up with the Jacksonville Jaguars to help manage tickets and suites for the NFL team and its customers.

The partnership is designed to make it easier for companies and teams to get the most out of sports tickets, suites, and experiences.

The Jaguars are the first NFL outfit to have invested in TicketManager to manage internal team tickets and suites and join the firm’s teams, universities, and venues that offer ticket management to their customers.

“Brands invest heavily in client entertainment at NFL games, and many use our software to simplify ticket requests, invitations, check-in, and leverage power ROI reporting to evaluate these crucial programs,” said Troy Tutt, head of team partnerships for TicketManager.

“But the teams themselves need control over their tickets and events too. We are excited to help this forward-thinking organisation prove the impact its tickets and events have on the bottom line.”

The NFL recently announced it would be moving all teams to mobile ticketing only in 2018, with a deadline of the 2019 season.

Ticketmaster, the ticketing provider of 30 of the 32 NFL teams, has an exclusive partnership with TicketManager enabling companies of all sizes an easy way to leverage new technology.

“The Jaguars pride ourselves on creating a true return on investment for our clients,” said Chad Johnson, senior vice president of sales and service and chief content officer. “TicketManager helps make that possible by providing our premium ticketholders and internal sales staff with a convenient tracking tool.”

TicketManager, used by globally-known brands and major NFL sponsors Under Armour, FedEx, Anheuser Busch and Verizon, aims to alleviate guesswork from client entertainment.

Teams are adopting the technology and will be able to build custom invitations with TicketManager’s experiential marketing tools to invite their most important clients and to show the ROI by seamlessly integrating the data into their CRM platforms.

These teams will also have access to the software’s new Ticketmaster integration, which will help premium partners easily transfer tickets and run scan reports to see who used the tickets.

“Given the average price of NFL tickets, understanding data and ROI is an absolute necessity in today’s landscape,” said Tutt, “Our technology empowers companies to use proper data to make strategic decisions around sponsorships and usage.”

Image: Royal Airforce