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Yankees most in-demand home opener

The New York Yankees tops StubHub’s chart as the most in-demand home opener of Major League Baseball’s 2018 season.

StubHub has compiled a season preview that takes a look at demand and trends for the league’s regular season kickoff and beyond.

The Yankees have outsold the San Francisco Giants and Boston Red Rox by 28 per cent and 70 per cent respectively.

In addition, the Yankees show the third highest growth in the league as demand in terms of ticket sales, with a rise of 61 per cent on last year, which is likely a result of the team’s off-season player moves.

The Yankees’ home opener against the Tampa Bay Rays currently outsells the Los Angeles Dodgers’ home opener, StubHub’s second top-selling opening game, by 12 per cent.

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Meanwhile, the Houston Astros have broken into StubHub’s top 10 MLB teams going into the regular season in the last five years. Its ticket sales are up 223 per cent from this time last year, the highest growth rate out of all the teams in the league.

The Dodgers’ 2018 home opener is the club’s best-selling in recent years and set to outpace the team’s 2017 home opener by 41 per cent in ticket sales from this time last year. The success is attributed to Clayton Kershaw being on the team sheet and coming off a World Series appearance.

After home openers, Barry Bonds’ jersey retirement is the top selling game so far. The game to commemorate the former Pittsburgh Pirates and SF Giants player, Barry Bonds, is currently outselling the second top game of the season, Dodgers at Giants by 46 per cent.

Image: StubHub