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See Tickets apply UTNs to Pixies tickets

See Tickets and UK promoter Crosstown Concerts have become the first outlets to implement Unique Ticket Numbers (UTNS).

The UTNs will be added to passes for the Pixies’ concerts at the London Roundhouse later this year, with the intention of helping fans avoid ticket fraud.

UTNs are part of an amendment to the Consumer Rights act of 2015 (via the Digital Economy Bill 2017), which requires ticket sellers to add unique numbers to each ticket to help consumers identify the legitimacy of their tickets.

As of last month, the new legislation will help to protect fans and consumers from rip off prices on the secondary market. In addition, resellers must disclose any restrictions around who can use the ticket or how it must be used, such as alongside ID of the original buyer.

Rob Wilmshurst, chief executive at See Tickets, said: “At See, we continually look at ways to put the fans and artists first and we are proud to help the Pixies protect their fans through the implementation of UTNs. We are open to using any initiatives to combat touting.”

US rock band the Pixies is celebrating its 30th anniversary by playing several concerts at London’s Roundhouse in October.

The Come On Pilgrim…It’s Surfer Rosa tour will cost fans £50 per ticket, with sales beginning in late April.

Paul Hutton, co-founder of promoter Crosstown Concerts, added: “The Pixies are used to being trailblazers on the music scene and are keen to protect their fans. The Pixies have clearly stated on See’s website that they have undertaken the UTNs to protect their fans from being ripped-off from unfair and misleading practices in the secondary market and tickets stay in the hands of their fans. 

“Crosstown is really happy that See and the Roundhouse are so receptive to this approach.”

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