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We all want to sell more tickets. Day in and day out, in the run-up to our events, we work hard to pull every lever and push every button within our reach to promote our events and sell every ticket we can.

We invest time (and often money) into creating promotional content, amplifying it across social channels, and collaborating with promotional partners – but at the end of all that, unless we measure the success of the methods we use and gather the all-important key learnings, how can we make our future events even better?

Our complete guide to using Google Analytics to sell more tickets is a good place to start! As well as a comprehensive run through of the basics of Google Analytics, this Britepaper covers:

  • Audience – find out who is visiting your site, from their geological location to the device they are using to access the content
  • Acquisition – how did your audience get to your site? Was it through a social channel or an ad? Knowing this allows you to finesse your targeting
  • Behaviour – what do your audience do when they land on your site? What other content are they reading and how long do they spend on it?

Click here to access Eventbrite’s full guide to using Google Analytics properly and impactfully