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Google Pay rolls out ticketing with TM

Ticketmaster has become the first event ticketing operator to support Google Pay’s new mobile ticketing feature.

The ability to save tickets and boarding passes will be found in the Passes tab and it will also include loyalty cards and gift cards. News of Google Pay’s new feature was first revealed in May.

After launching with Ticketmaster and Southwest Airlines, Google said that it is already looking forward with plans to partner with Eventbrite, Singapore Airlines and Vueling.

“We’re working to bring everything into the app,” Gerardo Capiel, director of product management at Google Pay said.

“Some things are a little trickier than others, for a number of reasons, but we will continue to make the experience as complete as possible.”

The announcement is part of several updates to Google Pay, bringing all payment functionality into one app.

Google Pay is going live with its peer-to-peer payments, which users could already carry out on Google Pay Send, to allow multiple payees for one transaction.

According to Tech Crunch, Capiel said that this makes it easier to split a bill. After buying something with Google Pay, users can tap on the purchase and then request payment from up to five people.

Google Pay’s functionality, such as the new Passes Tab, is limited to Android. Capiel said the aim is to support users on any platform.

In addition, users can also access Google Pay on the web and on an iOS app, which Google says makes it easier to manage all payment information across platforms, allowing users to update their payment info on the web and see it reflected in their app.

Image: MadFishDigital (Flickr)