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Broncos play down fans’ ‘mobile-entry’ concerns

The Denver Broncos NFL American football franchise has attempted to alleviate fears about the introduction of a “mobile entry” ticketing system at Mile High Stadium for the upcoming season.

Fans will be able to scan their mobile phone to gain entry to the stadium at Broncos home games, with the franchise suggesting that the technology will stop people from attempting to gain entry with fake tickets.

However, the switch has led to a mixed reaction from fans, with some raising concerns over what would happen if their phone were to break or they ran out of battery before entering the venue.

However, Clark Wray, senior director of ticket strategy and analytics at the Broncos, has explained how the franchise has attempted to anticipate such issues.

“We’ve got a lot of new chargers in and around the stadium you can actually put your phone in a locker, plug it into a charger, come back and you’ve got a full battery,” Wray said, according to CBS.

Wray also said there will be a system in place for supporters who do not have a smartphone.

“There are some people out there without smartphones and we’re very happy to help them,” he said. “Season ticket-holders have been able to contact the office and get a card that will be their season ticket for the year.

“If you’re a single-game buyer, we can look up your account and get you into the stadium.”

The Broncos announced in February that it would be moving to a mobile-based ticketing system for the 2018-19 season, with fans able to download the free Broncos 365 mobile app or tap into the Ticketmaster account manager to access tickets.

The franchise then extended its partnership with Ticketmaster in April.

Image: Jeramey Jannene