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Kenny Chesney tour sells 1.3m tickets

Country music artist Kenny Chesney’s Trip Around the Sun has become his highest grossing tour ever, with 1.3 million tickets sold.

The American’s 2018 tour, which ended on August 25, earned $114.4m and surpassed his 2015 tour that raked in $114.1m, according to Billboard.

His Trip Around the Sun tour ended with two sold-out shows at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts, home to the NFL’s New England Patriots.

The 42 concerts across North America culminated in its highest grossing and most tickets sold for a show, with more than 121,714 people in attendance and $11.6m raised.

Chesney, with the added grosses from his 2018 shows, extends his lead as Gillette Stadium’s all-time highest gross at $97.6m and highest attendance number at 1.09 million.

The country music giant’s newly-reported 2018 figures push his total career tour earnings to $969m, with an overall attendance of 15.3 million.

Image: LawrenceFung