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FIX to launch music loyalty app

Fan loyalty app FIX is to be launched in the next few months to offer rewards such as ticket discounts to music fans based on existing habits.

The loyalty programme on the app will help fans gain access to discounted tickets, artist meet and greets, live VIP chats, VIP admission and augmented reality integration.

“Life online was supposed to bring you closer to the artists you admire and the people you love. But for all the instant gratification, it has created an emptiness between you and anything real,” said FIX founder and chief executive, Jerry Deifer in a release.

“Streaming music is far from the breathless anticipation of live music. It’s nowhere near the roaring crowds, the sweaty bodies and the relentless primal rhythms that fuel live experience.”

“FIX closes the gap between the online and offline music experiences, integrating the two worlds through rewards, intimate access, relevant offers and the life-affirming excitement of a live show (sweat and all),” added Deifer. “This is what music can be. I only hope what we created can bring you back to the core of music purpose and what it means to you. In Real Life.”

FIX will integrate with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android payment devices for tap and pay capabilities using points at music events globally.

Image: Pxhere