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MoviePass re-enrolling users unless they opt out

MoviePass has been re-enrolling its former customers on an unlimited plan stating that unless they opt out of the new plan they risk being charged.

The struggling cinema subscription firm has began automatically enrolling lapsed former subscribers as part of a “select test group.”

The company said it is looking to try a version of MoviePass’ original one-film-per-day model for this group of ex-members.

In an email sent to those that decided not to opt into the company’s revised three-movie monthly plan, first unveiled last month, MoviePass said it has moved to enrol people into a new subscription because “we really hope you begin enjoying your MoviePass subscription.”

Those who decide that they still wish to remain unsubscribed will have to actively opt out of the membership, or they will begin to be charged without giving consent on October 4.

After facing massive financial difficulties leading to service outages, the firm was forced to borrow cash to afford a fix. MoviePass has since introduced limitations on its subscribers including only three films a month for the same $9.95 price, as well as now only offering a selection of six to seven films per day.

Image: CchrisS