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San Antonio Spurs unveil subscription model

The San Antonio Spurs have launched a mobile subscription-based ticketing model that allows fans entry to every game for a monthly fee.

The “SpursScription Pass” will offer standing room-only access to each 2018-19 regular season home game for a monthly fee of $44.50 (£34.33/€38.63).

The Texas-based NBA basketball team plays 41 home games through the 82-game season.

Fans will get sent their standing room-only ticket about 24 hours prior to tip off and can gain entry to the AT&T Center through their mobile pass and associated QR code.

In the mobile app, fans can browse through the list of available games offered through the plan and a countdown timer on the games they select that indicates when each QR code will be available.

Spurs fans that buy the subscription plan will also be able to upgrade into an available seat for an additional cost.

Mobile subscription packages for sports teams are designed to attract millennial-and-younger demographics with lower-cost ticketing options.

For the Spurs, and other sports teams alike, there are several benefits behind to a subscription model, such as access to fan data by keeping the ticketing process in the official app and incentivising more passionate fans to attend home games versus watching them in a bar or on their couch.

Image: Michael Tipton