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Refunds could cost Viagogo millions

Viagogo may be required to refund millions of pounds to fans that were refused entry after purchasing tickets from the resale site, according to the Guardian.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) on Tuesday announced that the resale platform had agreed to comply with a landmark court order that forces it to make a series of changes to how it sells tickets by the middle of January 2019. This includes a condition that the firm funds an independent review of outstanding refund claims submitted since January 2016.

Ticketing expert Reg Walker told the Guardian: “If you look at the number of people claiming refunds when tickets haven’t worked, it could cost them millions. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t.

“It’ll be interesting to see where this money is going to come from. Will it come from Viagogo or will the company attempt to charge the people who sold the tickets that didn’t work? Touts could have a nasty surprise coming.”

Fans that are entitled to being reimbursed won’t need to do anything to make a claim and should be contacted by Viagogo. Those who bought tickets for Ed Sheeran, who made the controversial decision to refuse people entry that held Viagogo passes, could be refunded.

In addition, Viagogo will likely have to fork out for a third party to monitor its overall compliance with the court order, which required a “complete overhaul.”

Image: Markus Hillgärtner

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