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Shoobs expands into US

Event ticketing firm Shoobs has kicked off its global expansion by entering the US market.

Shoobs has first launched in New York, with plans in place to expand the platform to other cities across the country.

Chief executive of the firm Louise Broni-Mensah told BBC Business Live that the idea for the website came from her own struggles of finding out about urban events and also purchasing tickets for them.

The founder said she hoped to develop a way for customers to no longer be required to purchase tickets in person.

She said, according to Voice-Online: “I just thought surely there’s a better way. This seems so archaic, so old-school. Why can’t I buy tickets to hip hop parties in the same way I buy tickets to hip hop concerts, for example?”

Funding for Shoobs has come from a number of investors, including Y Combinator, a competitive accelerator programme in Silicon Valley, making Broni-Mensah the first black woman to receive funding from the well-renowned incubator. She has also secured funding from Morgan Stanley investment bank.

“I appreciate that I am breaking glass ceilings in what I’m doing but I am fiercely ambitious so I’ve never allowed, you know, the fact that I don’t necessarily fit the ideal model for a tech founder to stop me in my tracks and neither should anybody else.”

Image: Diliff