Thailand-based fintech startup has acquired events ticketing platform One Place, to further boost its credit card business.

Masii’s co-founder and chief executive Maxwell Meyer told e27 that the firm’s goal is to make One Place the leading ticketing site for cultural events in Bangkok and throughout Thailand.

The agreement for 100 per cent of One Place’s shares was signed for an undisclosed amount.

Under the deal, One Place co-founder and chief executive Eliot Delunas will stay on board in 2019 to transition the company and customer relationships, with On Place moving its office to the fintech company’s headquarters.

“Events and promotions surrounding ticket booking are among the most high conversion points of sale for a new credit card,” Meyer said. “Our banking partners are eager to design unique promotions to attract more customers. With One Place, and our partners will be able to offer better pricing, better seating, and unique experiences (backstage with the performers or curators) to users who also apply for new credit cards, or make bookings with our existing banking partners.”

One Place, which launched in 2011, is the exclusive online ticket agent for many artistic venues and shows around Bangkok, including the Bangkok Comedy Club.

Meyer added: “ is the top result on Google Thailand for nearly every credit card-related search. There are lots of promotional synergies where we can promote special credit card deals to ticket buyers, especially group ticket buyers.

“We immediately add on partnerships together with the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, Thai Polo, and other companies to ticket exclusive events.

“We don’t plan to focus on rock concerts, etc, but rather comedy shows, community theatre, museums, Thai traditional arts, classical music and others.” said it has committed teams for content, business development, and marketing, as well as integrating One Place’s website. The integration will allow for improved transaction security, as well as the ability to offer special deals through its partner network of 10-plus banks in Thailand.

Delunas added: “We have worked hard to create a great event discovery resource combined with ticketing and other event organiser tools. The site has experienced strong growth over the past years, and we are confident is well positioned to continue building on that.”

Image: Ninara