Premier League fans will soon to be able to book flexible train tickets in advance to avoid facing financial losses if a game is rescheduled due to television demands.

Ministers said that an agreement between England’s top-tier football league and the Department for Transport train companies is “within reach.”

The flexible advanced train ticket will likely be able to be transferred without a fee or mark-up when matches are switched for television purposes.

On UK railways, passengers can book cheap tickets three months in advance, but the Premier League is only required to give six weeks’ notice when rearranging matches to fill TV slots.

According to the Telegraph newspaper, Rail Minister Andrew Jones will meet with stakeholders in early March to discuss exactly how a new flexible ticketing system could work.

Jones said: “Football is all about passionate fans, and the last thing loyal supporters deserve is to pay more when matches are rescheduled at the last minute.

“That’s why I’m delighted that the Government has helped secure a vital agreement that will bring together clubs, operators and British Transport Police. Significant changes are now within reach, which can ensure even more people use our railways to get to games and improve the experience for all passengers on match days.

“To drive this forward, I will be meeting with the Premier League and rail industry shortly to ensure our focus is on delivering a safe, secure and fair railway that works for fans, passengers, the clubs and the operators.”

While changes would most likely support Premier League fans, as these are the games most likely to be changed at the last minute, the government is looking to expand the scheme to include the Football League.

Image: Pxhere