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Eventbrite improves access with localised Mexican platform

Eventbrite has launched a localised platform in Mexico after experiencing strong growth in the region, processing more than 5.7 million tickets since its inception.

The localised platform eventbrite.com.mx will support event creators with solutions to help them to sell even more tickets by including curated local content, improved native checkout, and enhanced functionality like reserved seating and payment processing in Mexican pesos.

Eventbrite will also offer Mexican event-goers the ability to purchase tickets at OXXO, the largest chain of convenience stores in Mexico.

When OXXO is selected as the payment method during online checkout, a unique barcode will be generated that can then be used to pay in cash, the preferred payment method in Mexico, at one of the more than 17,000 OXXO stores throughout the country.

Eventbrite has powered nearly 60,000 events in the country since the platform’s inception. In addition, more than 13,000 Mexican event creators are already using the Eventbrite platform.

“Mexico is a country where bringing people together is deeply woven into the cultural fabric,” said Deb Sharkey, chief commercial officer at Eventbrite. “We see a diverse range of events from networking gatherings to performing arts to helping tourists gain easy access to an authentic local experience. We’re pleased to enable a localised offering that will help Mexican event creators be even more successful and offer consumers more options to access great live experiences.”

Image: Adam Jones, Ph.D.