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Spain’s live industry sees record breaking 2018

Spain’s live music industry has reported record revenues of more than €334m (£287m/$377m) for 2018, according to the Spanish Association of Music Promoters’ (APM) Live Music Yearbook.

The milestone marks a 24 per cent rise from 2017, after five years of consecutive growth in the country’s live music industry.

The record-breaking figure is a sign that the sector is recovering after the 2017 cut in cultural tax, from 21 per cent to 10 per cent.

Government measures also caused the live industry to lose more than €100m and 27.5 per cent in ticket sales revenue between 2012 and 2013 when cultural show taxes were increased.

According to APM, the majority of revenue was taken in July and August 2018. Stadium shows from rock bands Guns N’ Roses and Iron Maiden overlapped with tours from international Latin artists Luis Miguel, who performed eight dates, Shakira with five dates, and Alejandro Fernández, who had another eight dates in Spain.

However, it was the American singer Bruno Mars who drew the biggest crowds of more than 110,000 fans over the course of two dates in Barcelona and Madrid.

Ricky Martin welcomed 79,657 fans to his 10 concerts, while Shakira performed to 71,000 people across five shows.

Image: Donna Lou Morgan