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Nepalese firm Khalti launches mobile ticketing feature

Nepalese digital payment provider Khalti has launched a QR-code based event ticketing feature on its platform.

Users can now purchase paperless tickets via the mobile app and website and make cash payments.

Khalti has introduced an ‘event‘ section for organisers across Nepal to publish their events on the platform. Customers can also proceed to the ticket booking and payments within the platform.

Khalti’s partners include movie ticketing companies such as BSR Movies, City Cinema and FCube, among others. It also works with flight booking firms like Yeti Airlines, hotel booking platforms, TV operators, internet service providers and mobile operators.

Amit Agrawal, director of Khalti said: “When it comes to event ticketing in Nepal, be it a play, concert or a seminar, the event organisers have to put huge effort, from printing the tickets to marketing and distributing it to their target audience. Likewise, event goers have to go through a long process, standing in the queue and making cash payments.

“Ticketing or registration should not be an extra burden for event organisers as well as event goers. With the launch of this online ticketing system, we are hopeful that event organisers will be able to sell tickets with far less effort.

“Similarly, the hassle of buying tickets for audiences will be eliminated to a great extent. Users will be able to buy tickets much advance in time and make cashless payments from their mobile phone.”

Image: TeroVesalainen

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