Last-minute ticketing app Gametime has removed more than 66,000 sports and live entertainment ticket listings for seats with obstructed views.

Cheap tickets that come with a blocked view for major events such as Major League Baseball’s Boston Red Sox games and Broadway performances such as Hamilton have been taken down from the site.

“Gametime uniquely focuses on curation, selecting great values and eliminating bad seats, to ensure fans get the best experience possible. Nothing is worse than grabbing seats to your favourite show, only to spend the entire experience trying to see around a column,” said Gametime chief executive and founder Brad Griffith.

“We know that limited views lead to limited experiences. We ban these seats from our marketplace so that fans can confidently purchase a ticket without the fear of an unforeseen support beam blocking their view ever again.”

In addition, Gametime has launched several new fan experience features, such as curated fan and drink guides, venue-specific information, photo frames and its ‘Go Again’ feature which offers personalised recommendations for upcoming events.

Image: Gametime