Scottish Premiership football club Rangers is yet to find a replacement season ticketing financial partner for its 10-month payment plan ahead of 2019-20.

In March, Zebra Finance withdrew its service, meaning fans would no longer have access to the four or ten-month repayment options.

Rangers’ supporters liaison officer (SLO) has reportedly confirmed that the club has not yet found a replacement for the ten-month payment plan.

However, the team’s SLO was able to confirm that the four-month repayment plan is still available.

In addition, next year’s season ticket prices have increased by five per cent, Rangers chairman Dave King explained in a statement on the club’s website.

He said: “This season, a record number of season tickets were sold and it would be remarkable if we could again hit that number as we lay the foundations for what we hope will be the season which sees Rangers triumphant again.

“Your Board is committed to providing further funding and we are also asking for supporters’ help through renewing season tickets, which will increase in cost by only 5%.

“We feel this is not an excessive increase and every fan should know that the season-ticket revenue will solely go towards the first-team squad.”

Image: Thomas Nugent