Allison Katz-Mayfield, the senior director of strategy and analytics for club business development at the NFL, has lauded the new league-wide data sharing platform to be launched in 2019.

The NFL’s partnership with Kraft Analytics Group, which was founded by New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, has helped to develop a data warehouse with all of the league’s ticketing information.

The partnership, which kicks off in time for the 2019 season, will provide teams with access to the NFL’s new ticketing analytics dashboards.

One of the new dashboards covers the behaviour of season ticket holders and highlights fans it identifies as “at-risk” season ticket holders. This is measured through “realisation rate” scores, which is given based on whether a season ticket holder attends a game, scoring 100 per cent and zero if they miss a game.

If a fan is able to resell or transfer their ticket, they will score a percentage corresponding to the new price of the ticket divided by its original value.

A different dashboard provides teams with the option to compare ticketing statistics with the other 31 clubs, covering upsell targets, the methods of ticket acquisition, and ticket price points.

Katz-Mayfield said, according to SportTechie: “The clubs as well as the league office get all of the ticketing data, including transactions, listings, customer information from every transaction that occurs on Ticketmaster, StubHub, and SeatGeek. That’s a lot more data than we at the league level and the clubs themselves have had access to in the past.”

According to Katz-Mayfield, the Chicago Bears have referenced the NFL’s ticketing data when negotiating sponsorships, while the Pittsburgh Steelers use the data to send targeted information about Heinz Field to fans to enhance their experiences.

The NFL last year enabled teams to have any number of secondary ticketing partners, which was previously restricted. The updated policy also allowed individual franchises to select any primary ticketing partner, with 30 selecting Ticketmaster and two choosing SeatGeek.

The partnership with Kraft Analytics Group will provide a platform where both primary and secondary ticketing data is integrated together for the first time.

Image: Keith Allison