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Ticketbud integrates with Salesforce

Austin-based Ticketbud has integrated with CRM platform Salesforce to harness its data for improved sales for events.

Ticketbud is an event management, ticketing and registration SaaS platform for event organisers. The software allows event organisers to sell tickets to events and also to promote and market their events on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The ticketing firm is now listed in the Salesforce AppExchange, making it a business app extension for Salesforce users and giving event organisers a platform to collate their event data to highlight trends and sales leads.

Kayhan Ahmadi, chief executive of Ticketbud, said: “The launch of the Ticketbud Salesforce Connector is a major milestone. Salesforce is an essential tool for many large events.

“Providing integration to Salesforce separates the smaller ticketing platforms from the major ticketing providers. This is just one of several powerful integrations Ticketbud is launching in 2019. Ticketbud continues to grow, innovate and deliver incredible value to event organisers.”

The Salesforce connector helps organisations streamline, reduce duplication of data and bring various functions together into a connected interface.

It also enables reporting on opportunities generated from events, as well as sending segmented emails prior to and following events, from within Salesforce.

Teri Smart from Forefront Networks, a Ticketbud client, added: “Given the size of our events, we don’t have the luxury of time to manually import data.

“Automating this process by connecting Ticketbud to Salesforce is invaluable to our pipeline management. It ensures data continuity, minimises manual mistakes and allows us to evaluate and take action on trends.”

Image: Pixabay