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Tottenham in touts warning

Tottenham Hotspur has pledged to take further action against any fans that are caught selling tickets for the English Premier League club’s matches via unofficial channels.

The North London club, which is starting its first full season at its state-of-the-art new stadium, outlined the action it would consider taking against wrongdoers in a strongly worded statement released today (Friday), ahead of the team’s opening game of the league season at home to Aston Villa tomorrow.

Under the headline, ‘Ticket touting – club policy statement’, Tottenham urged season ticket-holders to use the club’s official ticket exchange and ticket share platforms for home matches.

For away games, the club said that it reserves the right to “randomly select supporters to collect their… tickets from the host venue on the day of a match”, with the host venue “instructed to only release individual tickets to the named ticket holder”.

The club said that it would consider “the strongest possible action against anyone found to be selling, offering for sale or passing on via any unofficial channel, match tickets and/or season tickets for any Tottenham Hotspur matches”.

The action could include a range of sanctions, from a temporary ban on accessing tickets and attending matches to a permanent ban and cancellation of season tickets or memberships, along with all of the associated benefits, without refund.

“For clarity, any person that offers any tickets for sale via unofficial secondary websites or any social media platform, regardless of whether or not a sale actually takes place, will be subject to further action,” the club said.

“Additionally, we reserve the right to take precautionary action against any supporters who are linked to anyone found to have sold tickets on unofficially. This can be a link via previous purchase history, recorded methods of payment or by postal and/or email address.”

With regard to away matches, Tottenham said that it is “aware that a number of tickets for our away fixtures are sold, offered for sale or transferred unofficially to supporters that do not qualify for tickets to away matches”.

In such cases, the club said, various sanctions will be considered, including a deduction of ‘ticketing points’, a season-long ban on applying for match tickets for any away fixture or a permanent cancellation of a season ticket.

Image: Tottenham Hotspur