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TicketOne frustrated over Italian watchdog’s ‘lack of action’

Italian primary ticketing service TicketOne has once again called on the country’s competition regulator to enforce laws designed to constrain the secondary market.

The CTS Eventim-owned ticketing firm has pointed to the Autorita’ Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato’s (AGCOM) “total lack – still today – of actions” to enforce the newly introduced named ticket law.

In a letter to the regulator, TicketOne claims that personalised tickets continue to end up on the secondary market and questions AGCOM’s efforts to “suppress the phenomenon.”

The ticketing service threatened to take action against the country’s competition regulator in June after an initial call-to action in March.

TicketOne chief executive Stefano Lionetti, said: “In light of the documents submitted, and of further concrete evidence immediately available on the sites for anyone who accesses them. It is not understandable why AGCOM has not intervened – and does not intervene immediately – to crack down on illegal conduct, removing content and shuttering sites, as well as implementing financial penalties.

“TicketOne points out that the inadequacy of the verification activity carried out by AGCOM is paradoxically confirmed by the fact that all the cases reported and documented in the March complaint referred to summer events that had already occurred in July and August.

“It would therefore now be impossible to fulfil the requests to remove content or shutter the sites, leaving only the possibility of levying fines to mitigate the harm done to consumers, artists and operators in the sector.”

The firm urges the timely application of the law in terms of content removal, fines and shuttering of sites, once again not excluding contact with the judicial authorities.

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