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Evvnt and Geotix Network join forces

Automated event listing and marketing platform Evvnt has teamed up with Geotix Network, a US-based network of partners that serve event creators using its SaaS ticketing software platform

The partnership will allow for the integration of event creation, ticketing and promotion on one platform.

“The Evvnt-Geotix partnership creates the first fully integrated event platform inclusive of event creation, ticketing and marketing in one easy to use workflow. The platform is available now and is being rolled out to the combined Evvnt and Geotix networks,” said Richard Green, chief executive of Evvnt.

“Our mission is to give publishers access to a combined $18.2 billion market in 2020, while expanding the exposure and awareness of events for the event creators in their market.”

The combined network comprises almost 1,000 publishers in the US that support local event creators with increased local marketing and broader event exposure through event list syndication.

Through the deal, the networked calendars expand event awareness and increases an event creator’s ticketing points of purchase.

Jonathan Zakin, chief executive of Geotix, added: “Event calendars, listing sites and ticketing platforms are basically unchanged since they were originally introduced with their primary focus on helping ticket buyers purchase tickets. In addition to this, the Evvnt-Geotix partnership helps event creators sell tickets and increase their profitability through reduced marketing expense and increased event exposure.”

Green added that the platform and network calendar can generate new revenue streams while offering added value for event creators. With Geotix ticketing integrated into the Evvnt event workflow, the platform completes the event creation and sales process, delivering ticket sales revenue and customer accountability for every dollar spent on promoting an event.

The platform automatically creates a transactional ticket page and a unique ticketing URL (“Buy Tickets”) button that can be distributed across the Evvnt-Geotix Network.