Liverpool’s chief operating officer Andy Hughes said it is considering a new ticketing strategy for Anfield to include locally affordable tickets as part of its plans for a new 16,000-seat Anfield Road Stand.

Public consultation on the new stand project began today (Friday).

The latest phase of Anfield stadium’s redevelopment would see overall capacity rise from around 54,000 to over 61,000, if the plans are approved. The current proposals would see the capacity of the Anfield Road Stand increase by around 7,000 seats, the majority of which the club states will be general admission, with some sports bar/lounge hospitality being offered.

The new plans revealed today show an almost identical footprint, scale and height to the previously consented scheme but include around 7,000 additional seats. Liverpool said the plans would provide an improved match-day experience for supporters through the enhanced sports bar/lounge hospitality facilities and a covered fan zone.

Hughes claims ticketing details with regards to the increased capacity are not yet under detailed consideration, but that it will include a local element.

He said, according to The Evening Standard: “We are right at the start of the design process. This is the first step in the consultation. Our ticketing strategy will come later.

“We need to get through several hurdles first before we get to that stage. I don’t want to get into ticketing strategy but we have had a strategy for Anfield looking at locally affordable tickets.

“We have tried various things. It is an ongoing programme. It is not something specific to Anfield Road. We are trying lots of things to improve local affordability of tickets and access.”

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Images: Liverpool FC