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Shanghai Disney Resort unveils new pricing structure

Shanghai Disney Resort has unveiled its plans to introduce a new pricing structure in June 2020.

The changes include the addition of another tier of pricing, with the base tier price for regular periods remaining unchanged at 399 yuan ($56.75/£43.11/€51.29), as well as the price for the majority of spring days and selected weekends set at 499 yuan.

The resort currently has three tiers of prices, with peak periods costing 575 yuan and peak holiday periods costing 665 yuan.

As of June 6, 2020, tickets for peak periods, including most of the summer season, selected holidays and weekends, will be set at 599 yuan, while special peak pricing for statutory holidays and some international celebrations will be 699 yuan.

Earlier this year, Shanghai Disney Resort announced it will launch a new set of ticketing rules for children to ensure they can benefit from preferential pricing. Children visiting the resort will be able to enter the park for free or discounted prices based on their age or height, instead of the current standard based solely on height.

Those aged between three and 11-years-old, or those who are above 1m and up to 1.4 metres tall will now receive a 25 per cent discount on the day of their visit.

Image: xiquinhosilva