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Activity Stream to support TuBoleta, TuEntrada migration to Secutix

Colombian ticketing firm TuBoleta and Argentinian ticketer TuEntrada have teamed up with Activity Stream to provide their clients with analytics prior to a migration to the Secutix platform.

The two ticketing companies handle more than seven million tickets per year and have set their sights on future growth across South America.

Activity Stream, which handles almost 100 million tickets per year, focuses on technology solutions within the live entertainment and sports industries, with several ticketing partners. The platform applies artificial intelligence and data analytics to create actionable insights.

Martin Gammeltoft, vice-president commercial operations at Activity Stream, said: “We are seeing a lot of interest in partnering for analytics, with more and more networks realising that they can’t keep up with specialised partners, so I’m very excited to start working with such ambitious partners and developing our tools in collaboration with them.”

Over the coming two to three months, Activity Stream will support the ticketing firms in their migration to the Secutix platform. The move will provide both TuEntrada and TuBoleta with a full internal overview of clients as well as a starter solution for their clients, enabling them to track sales and customer demographics in real-time.

Esteban Stalgis, president of TuEntrada, said: “Over the coming six to 12 months we’ll be moving our clients to the Secutix platform, which will enable us to deliver a great ticketing service in combination with our strong client support and account management.

“In parallel, we have been exploring how to best support our clients in terms of sales and customer analytics and we decided to go with Activity Stream as they are a specialised partner and can offer our clients further upgrading and integration options.”