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Activity Stream launches new donation features

Activity Stream has unveiled its new donation and fundraising features that will allow teams to monitor campaigns and identify trends, as well as manage relationships with top donors.

The new donation features allow clients to track exactly how much they receive in donations and what sources they come from. Activity Stream users can now see both large donors and small donors in one place and draw comparisons between them.

Activity Stream said in a statement: “For many theatres and performing arts venues all over the world, donations are a key part of what keeps the business running and funds new projects, and a lot of effort goes into tracking donation drives and managing the relationship with key donors.”

The business solutions provider has also incorporated its tagging features into the new donation tools, allowing quick access to a list of first-time donors, as well as repeat donors.

Activity Stream has also introduced a feature to alert fundraisers of key opportunities, as well as building donations into customer profiles to enable teams to set up segmented campaigns. Fundraising teams will also be able to explore patterns across donors, such as demographics, buying behaviours and more.

The firm added: “With the built-in segmentation options, the team can easily set up campaigns aimed at bringing back lapsed donors, or identify key opportunities. Add to that the notifications and deep insights into each top donor, and you’ll see smiles all across the fundraising team.”