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Viewpoint: How Covid-19 is impacting intentions to visit cultural entities

A study by IMPACTS Research & Development found that people intend to start visiting cultural institutions within the next three months, with a full return to normal visitation patterns within six months.

The IMPACTS data, reported by Know Your Own Bone blog, which shares behavioural data and analysis relating to cultural audiences, quantifies the US adult public’s intentions to visit 84 cultural organisations from art museums and aquariums to theatres to symphonies. It surveyed 1,950 adults.

The report, which is updated regularly, found that respondents’ intention to visit cultural entities within the next month and three months increased between April 4 to April 11.

Colleen Dilenshneider, Know Your Bone’s publisher, said in the report: “Our ability to thrive may depend upon how safe and comfortable we make people feel and how effectively we engage visitors during closures.

“The trust we’ve cultivated as an industry may be more important than ever before. There may be a whole host of new practices and operations and expectations of which we cannot yet be sure.”

Read the full report from IMPACTS featured on Know Your Bone here.

Image: David Joyce