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Viewpoint: Intention to visit cultural entities on the rise

A study by IMPACTS Research & Development found that more people intend to start visiting cultural institutions within one month, compared with their reported intentions two weeks previously.

The IMPACTS data, reported by Know Your Own Bone blog, which shares behavioural data and analysis relating to cultural audiences, quantifies the US adult public’s intentions to visit 84 cultural organisations from art museums and aquariums to theatres to symphonies, which have all been shut due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It surveyed 1,950 adults.

The report, which is updated regularly, found that respondents’ intention to visit cultural entities within the next month and three months increased between April 25 to May 2, with the three-month intentions matching that of historically observed levels of intent to visit for the end of April.

Colleen Dilenshneider, Know Your Bone’s publisher, said in the report: “Collectively, this information affirms the belief that the public continues to view the coronavirus as having a finite duration in terms of causing a significant interruption in their planned activities.

“People have squarely moved from considering “if” stay-at-home orders will end, to contemplating “when” they’ll end – and they think it will be relatively soon.”

Dilenshneider also noted that people report they are more likely to visit organisations that allow for free movement (such as an art museum) compared to those in confined spaces (such as a symphony).

She said: “While intentions to visit a cultural entity within three months match last year’s metrics and one-month intentions are on the ascent, we find that demand for certain organisation types is being redistributed.”


Image: Pedro Szekely

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