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TicketPlan teams up with Red Box

Ticket insurance and protection company TicketPlan has announced a new partnership with leading ticketing service and technology provider Red Box.

Red Box Tickets and Events provides ticketing and WiFi services to shows, events and exhibitions. The company works in partnership with its clients to provide ticketing services and technology to increase revenues and improve the customer’s experience.

Ben Bray, development director of the TicketPlan Group said: “We are delighted to partner with Red Box integrating our Refund Insurance solutions into their platform so that they can offer a valuable additional service to their clients.

“It’s incredibly exciting to be working with this leading ticketing technology provider and to provide their clients’ ticket buyers with much needed confidence to book tickets for events in these uncertain times.”

TicketPlan, which works with clients such as Glastonbury Festival, provides insurance cover to ticketing agents, venues and locations across the UK, enabling those ticket sellers in turn to offer a refund facility to their customers following cancellation of tickets or packages as a result of specified unforeseen events.

Steve Riley, managing director and chief executive at Red Box Tickets and Events said: “TicketPlan is a fantastic service and we have been impressed with the professionalism and responsiveness of the team at TicketPlan.

“Our clients and customers have embraced the insurance offering and it is genuinely giving people the confidence to book tickets for when events open up. The Red Box ethos is to help our clients maximise sales for their events and TicketPlan has proven to be a great asset in achieving this.

“Red Box whole heartedly recommends TicketPlan and we are delighted to have picked the right partner for our business.“