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Tyket app to launch in August

Tyket, the mobile app that seeks to help artists combine social media interaction with ticketing and live events management, is to hit Apple’s App Store from next month.

Tyket, created by Miami-based entertainment tech company StageWood Consortium, has been approved by Apple and will be launched on August 9.

Tyket seeks to unite fans, artists, and producers on a platform that combines the interactive elements of social media with a robust system for e-ticketing. Its developers said the goal is to “provide legitimate pathways to a lasting career in entertainment for artists and producers while giving fans a seamless way to seek events, buy tickets, and share their experiences with other users”.

A Tyket spokesperson said: “The strongest features in Tyket include an interactive map where users can find events in their immediate area, intuitive crowdfunding capabilities powered by Smart Contracts, and savvy algorithms that reward users for constant engagement with points (called Tyks) that can be redeemed for free tickets, merchandise, and more.

“Tyket’s gamification feature gives fans a chance to attend events that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience.

“Businesses looking to grow can utilise Tyket’s groundbreaking marketing platform to reach target demographics and even sponsor live events.”

The app integrates the latest Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology to uphold secure transactions between all users.

“We are excited because this proves Tyket’s potential to innovate technology and the entertainment industry,” said StageWood founder and chief executive Santiago Figuereo. “August 9 can’t come soon enough.”

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