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Cricket West Indies and SecuTix partnership to bring ‘carnival cricket atmosphere’

Cricket West Indies (CWI) has embarked on a new partnership with ticketing service platform SecuTix, allowing fans to buy tickets for home fixtures in 2022 and beyond. 

The partnership will mean fans can enjoy a user-friendly experience when buying tickets for West Indies games from any device or location. 

The new ticket service will be implemented on CWI’s website, and will offer advance ticketing and as well as the ability to book hospitality experiences. The tickets will be delivered directly to fans’ mobile devices for entry to the stadium. If this is not possible, fans also have the opportunity to print out their tickets at home. 

Cricket West Indies commercial director Dominic Warne said: “Sports fans expect a simple, fast, reliable ticket buying experience at any time of day, in any location and from any device. 

“CWI’s new service delivers this for Caribbean fans and international visitors alike, enabling them to book their preferred seats in advance for any fixture, in just a few clicks and without the need to queue.”

Fans will also receive extra benefits from purchasing their tickets through the new platform including the ability to buy their favourite seat, receive incentives, promotions, discounts and offers on the latest merchandise. These promotions will be linked to their ticket purchases and based on their history of attendance. 

Warne added: “The SecuTix platform delivers this fan-friendly experience from purchase to entering the stadium, whilst also providing improved ticketing data to allow us to make smarter decisions on ticketing prices and promotions. 

“We believe this improves accessibility for fans to any West Indies game and will help increase attendances to deliver that world-renowned West Indies carnival cricket atmosphere.”

SecuTix Americas chief executive Eric Rozenberg added: “We are delighted to enter into a relationship with Cricket West Indies. Between our extensive experience with sport – including cricket and soccer – as well as our innovative technologies and unparalleled customer services, SecuTix is well positioned to serve the specific needs of Cricket West Indies.” 

SecuTix has replaced Cricket West Indies’ former partner Indian-based Zoonga (formerly Kyazoonga). 

Image: Alessandro Bogliari on Unsplash